How to get divorced In Florida when your spouse cannot be found.

Question: What is the proper procedure to file for divorce? I Do not know where he is?

I am trying to file for divorce on my own. I have NO idea where my husband is...the only address I have is his mom's. He is in and out the court system. This has been going on for at least 4 years. I just want this nightmare over. We also have 1 son. No property or assets together

Attorney Robert Elrod, Jr's Answer: If after a diligent search you are unable to find the husband, he can be served by publication which involves placing an ad in the local newspaper which is approved by the court for such notices. He is also mailed a Notice Of Action, a Summons and a copy of the Petition to his last known address. This is a fairly complicated situation so I would advise that you retain a qualified, local attorney to help you through the system.

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