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Debt Relief and Bankruptcy Services Throughout Northeast Florida

If the recession of 2008 taught us anything it’s that no one is safe from financial upheaval.

In the years following the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression, many people find themselves facing financial hardship.

If you’re tired of harassing calls from bill collectors, or find yourself in dire financial straits and are curious if bankruptcy is right for you, Elrod & Elrod can help.

Based in Jacksonville, Elrod & Elrod Represents People Throughout Northeast Florida

Elrod & Elrod has been serving people and businesses in Jacksonville, Florida since 1966. We help people and families find the debt relief they need through bankruptcy, loan modification, and other strategies and programs that can reduce or even eliminate debt.

As more people struggle with financial hardship and face difficulty paying their mortgage, credit card bills, utilities, and student loans, bankruptcy and other debt relief strategies can provide you and your family with much needed relief to get you out of debt and back on your feet.

Elrod & Elrod Can Help You Decide If Bankruptcy Is Right for You

At Elrod & Elrod, we know that bankruptcy is not to be taken lightly. That’s why we’ll work with you investigate other ways to reduce debt that do not require declaring bankruptcy. We routinely advise our clients about alternatives to bankruptcy including mortgage modifications, property transfers, and working with creditors to reduce or even eliminate debt without the need to declare bankruptcy.

If, after speaking with a Florida bankruptcy and debt relief lawyer, you decide that bankruptcy is the best option, Elrod & Elrod has the experience and expertise to guide you and your family through a bankruptcy proceeding and bring you out on the other side with peace of mind.

We will also work with you to create a payment structure that will allow you to file bankruptcy without the need to come up with a large sum of money for attorney’s fees up front.

Northeast Florida Business Bankruptcy Law Firm

In addition to representing individual debtors in bankruptcy proceedings and debt reduction programs, Elrod & Elrod represents businesses and business owners who need to restructure, or need to wind down, dissolve, and ultimately close.

The business bankruptcy law firm of Elrod & Elrod has the knowledge and expertise to advise your business on the best way to handle your restructuring so that you remain in control of the business throughout the process, and can continue to operate the business as long as necessary.

In many cases we can reorganize the business and eliminate the debts that pushed your business into bankruptcy.

If your business is struggling and you think bankruptcy might be the best option, contact a skilled and experienced business bankruptcy lawyer at Elrod & Elrod today.

Elrod & Elrod - Helping People in Northeast Florida Since 1966

Based in Jacksonville, the Florida bankruptcy law firm of Elrod & Elrod has been serving the Jacksonville, Florida metropolitan area since 1966 and proudly represents people and businesses throughout northeast Florida in Baker, Bradford, Citrus, Clay, Columbia, Duval, Flagler, Hamilton, Marion, Nassau, Putnam, St.Johns, Sumter, Suwannee, and Union counties

Elrod & Elrod will handle your bankruptcy with care, compassion, and expertise.

Bankruptcy relief is available for individuals, families, and businesses that are unable to make ends meet due to debts.

If you need bankruptcy relief, don’t delay. Contact an experienced northeast Florida bankruptcy law at Elrod & Elrod today.

Call 904-356-1282, email robert@elrodjaxlaw.com, or complete our online form.

Our work includes acting as a debt relief agency helping people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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